Sunday, March 15, 2009

Illegal Immigrants in our Schools

This issue is tough morally, ethically, religiously, economically, name it.

"Every child has the right to an education." Our government holds true to this statement. No child should be turned away from our schools if they want to learn.

Did you know? School administrators are not allowed to ask a parent enrolling their child(ren) in a public school for the first time if they are illegal immigrants.


  • Pro - No child should be labeled an "illegal immigrant" only to be segregated and chastised by others in the school due to a decision made by their parents and not their own.

  • Con - These students are receiving all of the same benefits including special governmental funds as American Citizens because they are not classified as different from the rest of the student body.

Did you know? The number of illegal immigrants in our schools rose 60% from 1995 to 2005.


  • Con - Over crowded classrooms. Every student loses in this situation. It was hard enough for teachers to control their students' attention in classrooms with 15 students; now many schools across the US have classroom sizes of up to 28 students.

  • Con - Over crowding leads to the need for building new schools.

Did you know? It is the American tax dollar that is supporting illegal immigrant students in school.

Comments: Cost of a Child

  • Con - In most districts the dollars allocated per student are between $2200 - $3500 each year for books, materials, and admin. costs.

  • Con - Many illegal immigrant students receive Free or Reduced lunches. This is in addition to the student allocation. It is reported that during the 2007-2008 school year the average free lunch cost $2.66 a day. A free lunch can cost upwards of $500 per student per school year.

  • Con - Many of these students do not speak English and are receiving additional services through the No Child Left Behind act of up to $1800 a year.

  • Just one illegal immigrant coming from a family not paying income tax can take between $4500 - $5500 of our American Tax dollars away from other students.

Comments: Additional Cost for Teachers/Curriculum

  • Con - Some schools have so many non-English speaking illegal immigrants they have had to hire additional ESOL teachers for their school. Not only additional teachers, but additional materials, and they have even rearranged the school day to add additional ESOL classes due to the shear number of students in these classes.

  • Con - Supporting the needs of this special group of children is taking funds away from other programs already in place for the school's American students.

My Opinion. I guess while putting down a few thoughts, I have come to one. Allow all students to attend public schools regardless of their citizenship. However, the administration should be required to know if the student is an illegal alien without any other faculty members knowing. Students with this status should not be allowed to receive any other governmental program dollars. They should have the right to attend school without receiving any additional benefits from governmental programs; American tax dollars should only be spent on the American students. There is not enough money in the federal budget to help all the students that are eligible for the No Child Left Behind program as it is.

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