Sunday, June 7, 2009

The ABCs of Improved Reading

The ABCs of Improved Reading
National Center for Summer Learning, John Hopkins University

Access to books. It’s critical that kids have access to a
wide variety of books over the summer months, but we
know that access alone doesn’t make a strong impact.

Books that match readers’ ability levels and interests. For
young people’s reading skills to improve, they need to
read books that align with their own reading levels.
Reading books that are too easy or too hard won’t help!

Comprehension, as monitored and guided by an adult,
teacher or parent. The most important piece to making
summer reading effective is the help of an adult who can
ask questions and guide kids to better understand what
they are reading.

With these three ingredients, your summer reading
program will soar!

Check-out "Summertime Favorites" Grade Level Reading List by the NEH

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