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Albuquerque Science Tutors - Chemistry and Physics Tutors available Today!

Albuquerque Science Tutors - Chemistry and Physics Tutors available Today!

Stop the concept confusion with an Expert Science Tutor.

The laws of physics apply to practically everything we do and touch every day. The concepts of physics are applied to music, medicine, mechanics, electricity, light, motion, and heat. The college of Maryland has over thirty undergraduate and graduate courses devoted to the intricacies of physics and how it relates to our daily lives. Students taking physics in high school are almost always drawn to this science because they can see how it works around them in each of their actions. However, it is not a simple course to understand; many students love the ideas of physics but need help understanding the laws of physics, especially when it comes to the upper level math that is also required. College students have an even greater propensity to need assistance in the multitude of physics courses.

Advanced Learners offers its clients only the very best selection of tutors. When you request a tutor for a certain subject, you get what you ask for. Our tutors are expertly matched to your individual needs based on the criteria you provide to us. We will provide you with the degrees, credentials, and certifications that each selected tutor holds. Equally important is the peace of mind we offer you knowing that each of our tutors has been cleared by a nation-wide criminal background check, a sexual predator check, and social security verification. We want you to have the same confidence in our tutors as we do.

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Douglas P.
Degree Biophysics Medical College of Wisconsin Ph.D. 2008
Degree Biomedical Engineering Milwaukee School Of Engineering B.S. 2002

Teaching Style
I find that demonstration though example is the first step to understanding. This allows for an initial exposure to the material and plants seeds of knowledge. Adjuvant to demonstration, motivation and enthusiasm to learn the material must be taught. All the homework in the world cannot replace this! Regrettably, students often struggle due to poor instruction or vague textbooks which erode a student’s motivation. Fortunately this can be overcome with a little outside assistance. My long term goal of teaching is to foster a mature understanding of the subject matter. To master a subject it must be learned from multiple angles before the bigger picture is illuminated. Once a subject is illuminated it must be continually revisited for long-term retention.

Experience Summary
To me education is a way of life. My academic career has been driven by a thirst for knowledge. I have earned a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, during which my math, physics, biology, engineering (mechanical and electrical), and other science skills were cultivated. Afterward, I spent another year pursuing a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, which further strengthened those skills. During this program I was contracted to teach biomedical computer science for sophomore level students. With higher academic hopes, I left the M.S. program, to complete a Ph.D. in Biophysics with an emphasis on MRI physics. My multi-disciplinary doctoral training had a heavy emphasis on math, physics, and biologic sciences. The doctoral training greatly increased my reading comprehension and vocabulary, as well as, strengthened my grammar and writing skills, which were needed to produce scientific publications. Throughout this training I gave lectures to graduate, undergraduate, and high school students on MR physics.

Philip F.
Degree Physics w/ Astronomy option University of New Hampshire B.S. 2008
Other Applied Mathematics University of New Hampshire Minor 2008
Degree Transfer Studies San Diego Mesa College A.A. 2005

Teaching Style
My 5 years as a United States Marine established important core values such as tact, integrity, discipline, and commitment. I bring these values with me into the classroom. I believe that the success of a student depends more on their level of commitment than on inherent talent. However, learning must be an enjoyable experience in order for a strong commitment to be made. I am passionate about mathematics and the sciences, and this passion shows in my teaching style. Students recognize this passion, and it makes the learning experience fun. I am patient, open-minded, and innovative; so if a student is struggling with a particular topic, I find an alternative teaching approach which better suits their learning style. The success of my students is gratifying, to both student and teacher alike.

Experience Summary
I have been a straight-A student my entire life and I recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a 4.0 GPA. I earned my B.S. in Physics (Astronomy emphasis) with a minor in Applied Mathematics. Though my expertise lies in mathematics and the sciences, I am also knowledgeable in topics ranging from history to English grammar and composition. Much of my academic success is due to my ability to prepare for exams. I scored a 32 on the ACT, as well as perfect scores of 800 on the SAT2 Writing and GRE Mathematics exams. I gained teaching-related experience during my year as an Instructional Assistant, in which I assisted students with math, science, English, and GED exam preparation. At the college level, I spent 2.5 years tutoring in physics, math, and astronomy, as well as a semester in a college-level general physics class working as a teaching assistant.
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