Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day = Summer's almost here! What will your kids do this summer?

Parents can keep teaching students while at home for the summer...and should!

Education does not take place just in the classroom. It takes place everyday and everywhere. New opportunities arise to teach kids and teens about day-to-day choices, routines, activities, and much more that is not always found in books.

Inspiring a student's love of math, finance, and money can be as easy as allowing them to make choices in the grocery store. Give them $10 a week to decide what their "treat" for the week is. Give them a piggy-bank to save for a bigger treat or toy. Track the money they receive, spend and save each week on a spreadsheet.

Check out for more ideas and more great tips for kids of all ages.

Does your child always seem to be on the computer instead of cleaning their room, studying, or doing yardwork? Help them become more "scheduled" by creating a daily or weekly planner. For each rountine item you want them to accomplish each day, give them so many minutes to use on the computer, or X-Box. For tips on starting early with elementary students visit

Science doesn't always have to come straight from a book. Talk about all the forms that water can take and ask your kids to give you examples; for teens ask them to tell you how it changes. Water to steam, water to ice, condensation, it's all simple science we experience every day. How about making rock candy and watching the crystals grow? How did that happen?

Visit for great at home lessons.

Summer school can be taught by you!

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