Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prepare for the New York Regents Exams with an Expert Tutor

Does your student need Regents Exam test prep help today? We have the right tutor for you!

The NY Regents Examinations are quickly approaching. Students may be preparing for 1, 3, or more subject tests to secure themselves one of the regents diplomas.

There are few states that have such differentiated high school diplomas. Students can receive one of these honors diplomas by achieving high level scores on multiple Regents examination subject tests. Students can receive a Regents diploma, Regents diploma with an advanced designation, Regents diploma with honors or a Regents diploma with advanced designation with honors.

The Regents examination subject tests include: Geometry, U.S. History and Government, Earth Science, Chemistry, Comprehensive English I and II, Living Environment, Global History and Geography, Writing, Physics, as well as several foreign languages – French, Italian, German, Latin, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Need a tutor in one of these subjects, find one today. FIND A REGENTS EXAM TUTOR.

Students will be taking the regents examinations from June 16th to June 25th. Preparations for these tests should begin one month prior to the test date. The higher a student scores on these tests the higher the level of diploma they can achieve.

We have tutors in / near / around these metropolitan areas of New York State: Albany, Buffalo, Ithaca, Long Island, NY City, Manhattan, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Schenectady, Syracuse, and Utica. Contact us for a list of subject tutors in your area.

For the specific requirements for each of the regents diplomas, visit the New York State’s website:

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