Friday, May 15, 2009

Denver Calculus Tutors - Hire a tutor today

Are you looking for Calculus Tutors the Denver area? You found them!

Are you taking a calculus class and realizing that you are not an Einstein? Calculus is definitely one of the hardest math classes a student can take. Whether taking calculus in high school or in college, or whether this is an elective credit or a prerequisite for another course, understanding the concepts of calculus may take a lot of studying and a lot of effort. The worse thing to do is put off getting help. The longer a student waits to get help, the less likely they are to catch up in time to save their grade. Don’t wait; get help today! Contact us to find an expert Calculus tutor.

Advanced Learners has been providing private in-home tutoring services for over seven years. We are currently offering services in over 250 markets throughout the US. We take pride in the quality tutors we provide to our students and the personal and professional customer service we provide to our customers.

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Latha K.

Teaching Style

I love to teach children mathematics. Many students are afraid of mathematics since they were not given the right approach towards the subject. The key is to be strong in the fundamentals and add a little bit of practice.

Experience Summary

I am a double graduate in science subjects. I myself am a student and I always like to learn. I am always in a teaching environment. Recently I was involved in research in physics. This is helping me to develop a more scientific approach. I have been tutoring for 4 years.

Justin H.

Teaching Style

I am a very enthusiastic tutor and, as I stated in the previous section, believe teaching in such a way that the student gains a true mastery of the given subject. In a sense, I believe in each student understanding a particular concept in their own unique way that is consistent with their unique thinking processes. I strive to do this by relating a given concept analogously to something the student already fundamentally understands. I also create new problems to solve that probe the students’ progress and comprehension. I try to make these problems as realistic as possible to make them interesting to the student.

Experience Summary

Being a Ph.D. candidate and appointed research assistant, I very much realize the importance of true comprehension of a subject. Not only do I hold two B.S. degrees in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering but I also carry credits to the equivalent of a Non-Thesis Masters in Applied Mathematics and am one course shy of a minor in Chemistry. I have tutored groups of students for Sylvan Learning Centers, conducted one-on-one sessions with Educational Enrichment and independently, and prepared and delivered lectures for advanced undergraduate chemical engineering courses. I am capable and experienced in tutoring all levels of mathematics, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics and materials science.

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