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Veronica J.

Certification Mathematics In-service grades 5-8 current
Degree Mathematics Education Florida State University BS 1993

Teaching Style

I love teaching and the reward that it brings. I am a step-by-step oriented teacher. I've had many students return saying how my style of teaching continues to help them in their current studies. In my 14 years of experience, I've learned that many students learn with many different styles. I believe that every child can learn; however, the teacher must reach them at their level. If I have a good understanding of where the student is academically, I can help them to grow academically.

Experience Summary

I've taught middle school for 14 years. My goal in becoming a teacher was to reach those students who had, somehow, fallen through the cracks of education. I taught at a drop-out-prevention school for 7 years. During those years, my student scores continuously rose. I taught 7th and 9th grade at this school. I transferred to a different middle school where I taught 6th & 7th grade for two years and the remaining five years, I taught Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. I began to tutor after school during my first year to struggling students. I was also listed on the school boards list of tutors. I also worked at an after-school program. During these years, I tutored second graders and up to mathematical levels of geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra II.

Ashley T.

Degree Mathematics UNC Chapel Hill BA 2005

Teaching Style

First and foremost, I believe it is important to establish a trusting relationship with those you teach. Throughout my experiences in the field of education, I have found the most fruitful of those relationships to be those in which I was able to work with a student or group of students regularly over an extended period of time to develop a routine and a strong relationship in which great amounts of learning and understanding could be accomplished. Although many people experience obstacles in learning Mathematics, I believe that by presenting multiple ways to approach a problem, every student can find a method that works for them. Every student should be allowed the resources and opportunity to realize that they CAN achieve their goals. I am here to help students who have had difficulty with Math in the past to succeed, and feel confident in both their abilities in Math, and in life.

Experience Summary

As a student, I was always committed to learning and to achieving my goals. As a teacher and tutor, I strive to help others share the same love for learning and for understanding as I do. Now, I help others set goals, and work toward achieving them. I have worked with all ages, all ability levels, and various sized groups and have enjoyed each and every experience. In the past, I have primarily tutored in the subject of Mathematics, but am also trained by the Literacy Council to tutor reading and writing, and have enjoyed volunteering with that organization as well. I believe that I can help anyone enjoy and understand math, and help them feel better about themselves for it.

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